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Boracay Promo Packages

Boracay Promo Packages

If you are planning a trip to Boracay Island in the Philippines, then you need to visit our Official Boracay Packages Website for the latest Boracay Promos and special deals. Here at WOW Philippines Travel Agency in Manila we offer over 300 package deals for the best hotels and resorts on the island of  Boracay. 

Easy To Use Boracay Hotel Search Feature

We have created a website for Boracay that offers an easy way for you to find the perfect Boracay hotel where you and you family can enjoy your Boracay vacation to it's fullest. So if you are looking for a hotel on a private Boracay beach, then you can visit that section of our website, so finding what you want is quick and easy. We also have listed all of the Boracay hotels and Boracay beach resorts on one page, placed into sections of Boracay Station 1, Boracay Station 2 and Boracay Station 3, again making it easy for you to find the perfect hotel.

Over 300 Boracay Packages & Promos

Every hotel on the island of Boracay offers some type of promo package deal, but if you had to research every hotel on Boracay yourself, well it would be quite impossible and it would take you a very long time, so we have done all the work for you, by putting all the beach resorts onto one page.

Latest Boracay Promos