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3 Day Pizza Making Course in the Philippines by Pizza Freaks

3 Day Pizza Making Course in the Philippines

Are you interested to learn how to create great tasting and awesome looking pizza? What if you could learn how to make authentic Neapolitan, Sicilian, Roman or New York style pizza from scratch, from a master pizza dough maker? Well the good news is that you can, and this fantastic course is now available to you here in the Philippines, created by Rick St. John, owner of Pizza Freaks, home to authentic Neapolitan style pizza, baked in a fire brick oven.

Join us today for your very own personal one-on-one pizza making session, work along side Chef Rick St. John a master pizza dough maker, where you will learn how to create fantastic tasting pizza, that looks just awesome. Each pizza making course presented by Pizza Freaks is one-on-one, this means that you will not be in a group setting, so you can take your time to learn each step, practice makes permanent. 

Rick St. John has over 15 years of hotel and restaurant experience, having worked in some of the United States most prestigous hotel restaurants, that include the Capital City Club, Radisson, Holiday Inn Central, Marriott as-well-as a manager for Little Caesars Pizza and Wendy's Famous Hamburgers.

The Pizza Freaks 3 Day Pizza Making Course has been designed to teach you the basic fundamentals for creating the perfect pizza dough, every time. This includes selecting the correct pizza flour, yeast, salt and water, the four main ingredients to creating authentic Neapolitan style pizza dough. We will teach you the proper technique on how to hand stretch the pizza dough, and how to create a beautiful cornicione, giving your pizza that beautiful and professional look.

Handouts will be provided that detail how to create the perfect size dough-ball for the specific size pizza you want to create, from 6 inch to 18 inch size pizzas. Handouts will also inlcude your topping measurement charts, so that you will know how much of any one topping that can be used, maximizing profits, and zero loss.

  • Selecting The Right Pizza Flour
  • Pizza Dough Making Procedure
  • Hand Stretching The Pizza Dough
  • Pizza Dough Ball Weights & Sizes
  • Food & Safe Handling
  • Proper Pizza Dough Storage
  • Freezing & Thawing Pizza Dough
  • Mixing Different Types of Flour
  • Creating the Perfect Cornicione
  • Pizza Topping Measurements & Chart
  • Products Wholesale Warehouses
  • Over 200 Pizza Recipes Provided
  • On-going Support for Up-to 1 Year
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Free Pizza Take Home